Kelly Rowland Update!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kelly Rowland has started recording her third full length album in early April 2008. This is one of the first tracks leaked from the new album recording sessions, "Blaze". Really cool track (if you look for it in this entry you will find for sure how to download it). In addition, she has recorded a new single with French singer Nâdiya, an uptempo urban pop track entitled "No Future in the Past" and she also collaborated with italian singer-songwriter Tiziano Ferro in the song "Breathe Gentle" from Ferro's album, Alla Mia Età. Check out the comments in case you miss something to download and don't forget to rate this entry!

No Future In The Past (Music Vid)


Petrix said...


No Future In The Past (Feat Nâdiya):

Anonymous said...

Lovely Kelly

Hav said...

I loved Ms Kelly, it was underrated.
I hope her third album does better on charts :)

Anonymous said...

Yepp KELLY ROWLAND is sooo underrated simply because BEYONCE and her Dad's Management/Label team are all behind it and controlling it and patronizing it. So thank God that KELLY finally realized that she's never gona hit it BIG or make it BIG time til she call it Quits and get a NEW Label Family... thats why she left them. So lets hope her NEW THIRD ALBUM would do much better without BEYONCE or her Dad stopping it from happening!?! its obvious! Lol Anyway. THANKS!